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NARUD hosted a trade fair of diversity and WE WON a beautiful BAOBAB trophy for our commitment in political and developmental education.💚
***thank you NARUD team***

***Happy 25th b-day***

6th of July... chikondis is celebrating Malawi’s 55th Independence Day at the Malawian Embassy in Berlin.
Meet and greet with the Ambassador and people from the warm heart of Africa.
Chikondis kukondwelela tsiku lomwe a Malawi analandila ufulu odzilamulila okha ku embassy ya dziko la Malawi ku Berlin...

On the 15th of June NARUD hosted its 10th soccer tournament and invited us.
*** THANK YOU ***

!!! STOP violence against humans with albinism !!!

chikondis visited Namachete flood victim camp to give out donations to newborns (babycloths), pregnant women (emergency delivery kit) , breastfeeding women and elderly women. (food/ sanitary products)
*** Zikomo kwambiri ZOMBA DC and Caro ! ***

12th May
* 💕 😘 HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY *💕*💗*
Check out our special music video for that special day.

5th May... international day of the midwife... come and celebrate with us in ZOMBA@ Matiya St.Paul’s FP School.
But we know why we are midwives and build an outreach clinic with... 1st: HIV self-testing 2nd: cervical cancer screening and 3rd: providing family planning methods... everything was free of charge... my Malawian midwife colleagues did a great job !!!! Two days and more than 600 women served, helped, advised and examined !!!

Christine Schmidt (evangelical methodical church world mission) and chikondis are packing emergency delivery kits for pregnant women in flood victim camps.
***Thanks to my midwife colleague Wilned Zoto Hara for the collaboration and translation***

Gracia, 15years of age, wrote a poem for chikondis.
***Thank you very much Gracia for your words and thoughts***

Chikondis donation at KMC ward at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital. 💝 Kangaroo Mother Care for premature babies

Chikondis was talking to the oldest women from Nkhotakota village. We talked about wants and needs of giving birth and what can be done to satisfy them. Working hand in hand- to make a change.

Come and get our chikondis book at KwaHaraba Art Gallery & Cafe in Blantyre City ! A wonderful place to chill, read books, to be creative or just chill and meet/make friends. Delicious fresh food and homemade fruit juices are waiting for you! It‘s definitely worth a visit

Chikondis is finally back home in Malawi.
We have to start with donations for the flood victims in Southern Malawi.


Here we go……check out the video from our charity event at Yaam. I would like to say thanks to all the people who made this possible and so wonderful. Without you, it wouldn´t be so successful.

Chikondis and YAAM (Ostbahnhof)...... we party together for the best purpose in the world !!!!
Fundraising party for our *Maternity clinic project* in Malawi.
Come and join party...laugh ...and dance :).
24th August 2018
Charity event: 6pm till 10 pm, Graffiti Jam, (Kids) face painting and soap bubble art, entry 10 €
Charity concert: from 10pm, live concert and Djs, entry 15 €
(if u already paid 10€ for the charity event, u only have to pay 5 € on top)

KeNaKo..... Africa Festival.... 7th till 17th of July @Alexanderplatz, Berlin.

chikondis left footprints behind ........

Happy mother´s day.

chikondis supports!!!

Mr. Malawi 2017 supportc chikondis and we are very happy to have a strong supporter :)
*Zikomo kwambiri MuscleMansy*

💚chikondis and Blackunikon (from musicgroup BlackUnikonz) made a donation of exercise books, drawin pads, pens and crayons, rice, nsima, Likuni porridge and chikondis toys to "wells of joy"-orphan care centre in Limbe. HIV orphans learn, play and eat together with very dedicated teachers........ 👩🏾‍🏫

meeting with architect Phillip Manyozo..... 🏗️.....chikondis maternity clinic......3D constructional drawing.....great work !!! 👍🏻 Zikomo kwambiri !!!!

chikondis placed a donation of baby blankets, baby cloths and baby butt creme #openarmsmalawi ..... A warm place where newborns 👶🏽 👶🏾 👶🏿 find a loving person to take care of after losing their mothers during/after delivery.

*International day of the midwife 2018*
celebrating and appreciating the work of Malawian midwives in Lilongwe. Thanks and ZIKOMO KWAMBIRI to Ann Poya President of AMAMI and tO Atupele Muluzi MP honorable Minister of Health and Population.

We appreciate beautiful moments with mothers and children...THANK YOU!

Two great chikondis artists......Edson is an exert in wire cars and James is an expert in wooden cars!!
Soon you can purchase them through our online shop ..... ....and support our chikondis movement!

chikondis distributed "mother's day fabrics" in Zingwagwa, Chilobwe, at Queens hospital and in Manase and Nancholi.

>>> Every year chikondis 💛loves to do a donation at the KMC ward@Queens hospital in Blantyre. The mothers and guardians of premature babies enjoyed the day with us >>>

Chikondis supports IMCAI with a donation for their Maternal Health Awareness Campaign, starting on the 25th of May 2018.Daniel,#DanKawaye founder and CEO of IMCAI Malawi meets Marley (Swantje) founder and CEO of chikondis Germany. It was a pleasure to meet motivated colleagues 👍🏾 👍🏻......looking forward for our collaboration. 😀

Great new chikondis artist ! Welcome Eva 💜....jewellery designer......check her shop and support by buying her beautiful, colorful and unique earrings, bracelets and necklaces.....

Swantje, midwife and chikondis chairwoman, meets author and midwife workmate Wilned Zoto Hara. His book "Family Guide To Safe MOTHERHOOD"..... is a must have for Malawian colleagues and families.

*** Finally...... chikondis association is back home in Malawi ***

Just because of the amazing support from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, we were able to establish a chikondis toy production with different Malawian artists. We are going to open our chikondis online shop in March 2018. check out If you are going to buy chikondis products, you are going to support our chikondis project, building a maternity clinic in Malawi. Be excited, cause we are:)


Get ready to party on the 5th of January 2018. Dancing for chikondis @Goethebunker in Essen.
*Give it up for Simon_BaSsilius and his crew*

+ 🇲🇼 + 🎁 + Mafuno abwino apite kwa inu a Malawi anzanga pa nyengo ino yachisangalalo cha christmas. 💝 Mulungu 💫 akudalitseni ndi kusamala mabanja anu pomwe mukukodwela pa nthawiyi! + 🇲🇼 + 🍭 +

Back again. Chikondis @Holy Shit Shopping Design Markt on the 16th and 17th of December 2017.
*Natascha and Team, thank you very much*

Go and check out the beautiful "Exhibition Banyere" from artist Iris Chynaire @An einem Sonntag im August, Café. Buy one of her wonderful paintings and Iris is going to donate 10% of the selling price.
*Thank you Iris.You drew beautiful pieces of art!*

Chikondis meeting of members@Boutique Hotel i31. We celebrated our 5th anniversary and want to say THANK YOU to all our supporters!

Baazar Berlin and we were allowed to be part of it. During the time, 7th till 11th November 2017, we had a colourful and big sales stall, could sell a lot of beautiful chikondis products and met many great people from all over the world.
*Thanks to Mrs.Mabrook and Diamond*

Interview with award winning TIMES TV. Host and producer of the morning show “breakfast live” Sharon Chirwa, visited chikondis office, to talk to the founder and midwife Swantje aka Marley. Guest: Cohnastone, from Malawian music group Black Unikonz. The 15min interview the live morning show on Monday, 21st of May. Check out a short sequence:
* Zikomo kwambiri Sharon and Mike*

Another flea market, another chance to make money for our wonderful chikondis project. 10th September - Malztrödel @ Malzfabrik, Berlin.
* thank you Judith and Anika for your support*

Google "Zukunftwerkstatt" helped us, not to get lost in the virtual jungle of social media. A great venue in Potsdam!
*Thank you very much for the ideas and very interesting speeches*

Chikondis participated at the flea market for baby and children products @ Familienzentrum - Fischerinsel. We received a lot of donated cloths , which we could sell to raise money for our chikondis project.
*Thanks to the lovely parents, who donated and bought cloths and rummage*


Together we can... make a change...
zikomo kwambiri to *Tiyamike Sewing* for our beautiful baby toy production !

We support !The national reading programme!
+++ chikondis e.V. distributed 1000 chikondis books all around Malawi. Our story written in German and Chichewa!

*Chikondis* distributed 15000 condoms and booklets, talking about HIV/Aids in Malawi.

5th of MAY -> IDM *international day of the midwives* AMAMI (The Association of Malawian Midwives)

*chikondis youth group*
Meeting. Talking and teaching about HIV/Aids... ❤️ !!! LOVE LIFE - STAY SAFE !!! ❤️

*chikondis toy production*
Only possible with the amazing help from Silicon Valley Community Foundation! Thank you so much! Soon available in Germany... For now, we distributed over 100 toys in Malawi.

It was a pleasure to meet our German ambassador Mr. Jürgen Borsch.
*Thanks to Mrs. de Barros*

Swantje aka Marley, midwife and founder of chikondis e.V., donated *chikondis* (love) packages for premature newborns and mothers @ QECH-KMC-Blantyre.

***chikondis toy production***
THANKS and a BIG shout out to Silicon Valley Community Foundation (, who made this possible. Here: Selling the toys to raise money for the chikondis maternity clinic. There: Establishing jobs and a platform for Malawian artists.

Finally, we could hand over our chikondis drawing booklet to the Jacaranda kids.
*Thanks to the parents in Germany who made this possible*

Our chikondis book , now available in Blantyre "Central Africana Limited" bookshop.

Our chikondis office in Malawi.

Chikondis back on the track in Malawi.

chikondis book launch @Philipp-Schaeffer library, Berlin , 27th January 2017.
*thanks to Mrs. Schumacher for her great support*


Finally, our beautiful brochure of the drawing event by our children artists has been published. 20 paintings by children from Berlin and Limbe (Malawi) have been put together in a DIN A4 brochure titled "Kleine Künstler, große Herzen" (small artists, big hearts). Please contact via email upon further interest!
*Thanks to ALL that have made this possible. Special thanks goes to our graphic designer Katharina - You are awesome!*

Berlin moms can support Malawian moms by purchasing a chikondis maternity document case, as this supports the chikondis birthplace.

The specialized shop for maternity & breast-feeding fashion "9 Monate Berlin" (, has a small variety of our colourful chikondis maternity document cases. A visit is definitely worth it!

*Many thanks to the managing director Anita*

Our great chikondis products from the chikondis workshop in Malawi have been staged perfectly and are now purchasable.

  1. maternity document cases (Mutterpass)
  2. "Letter from Africa" - perfect storage for a passport and an immunization card
  3. "Mama´s choice bag" - upcycling milk bags from Malawi which functions as a small bag
  4. chikondis folded cards with great photos from throughout Malawi

*Many thanks to "Das Fotostudio Berlin" ( for their great work and generous support*

Our chikondis dolls – new production - new design.
*Big shout out to our great chikondis sewing team in Malawi*

In the trade magazine for midwives „Deutsche Hebammen Zeitschrift“ (issue 11/2016/68.Jahrgang), our fabulous chikondis book is featured with a photo of the cover.
*thank you valued colleagues*

Finally we can make bigger steps to reach our goal. How ? With our own chikondis car in Malawi. This makes life and our work much easier. We are so happy and deeply grateful.
* A big shout out and a giant THANK YOU goes to a Berlin company called “Native Instruments”, which donated all the money to buy this car. Thank you very much dear CEO Daniel Haver and COO Tom Kurth*
Check out:

The German trade magazine for midwives “Hebammenforum” (issue 17.Jg.1016) writes about our beautiful chikondis book.
*thank you dear colleagues*

An art exhibition called *myths of Malawi* was hosted at the adult education centre in Blantyre´s sister city Hannover . Chikondis e.V. were part of it on the 30th of August.

Out now! You can buy our chikondis book in the lovely book store „Hundt Hammer Stein” since August - So lets go and check it out @ Alte Schönhauser street 23/24.
*thank you Kurt for your support*

The counselling centre „Familienzelt“ ( is supporting us. The lovely employees are buying chikondis books and one chikondis doll and they promote our book all around.
*A great team, who is doing great work. Thanks for just EVERYTHING*

The journal for health care professions “” printed one of our adverts for free.(Nr.222, Juli/August 2016, 41.Jahrgang)
*Thank you for the support*

We were part oft it. Part of the 7th cross-cultural football tournament on the 16th of July. (Network African Rural and Urban Development e.V.) was the host and did a fantastic work. Slogan: solidarity for refugees
*Such an important event, with such an important slogan. Thank you that we were allowed to be part oft it*

The exhibition off our beautiful drawings from Malawian and German kids was a big success. 26 artworks were given to happy art collectors.
*A cheerful thank you to all the young artists, to the parents, teachers and to all the contributors to create such a fantastic venture*

We would like to invite you to come to the Koppenplatzschule (School) , Bergstr.5-9, 10115 Berlin - to have a look at our beautiful children drawings from Blantyre and Berlin during our exhibition from the 12th till the 14th of July between 2 and 6pm.
*thanks so much to everybody who made this possible*

It was a pleasure and honour for our board of chair to meet the Malawian Ambassador Mr. Michael B.Kamphambe Nkhoma at the Malawian embassy.
* Ndathokoza kwambiri Mr.Ambassador and Deputy Mr. Kumbambe*

Finally ! Our beautiful and colourful children´s book written in Chichewa and German is done and printed :) A " must have" for everyone who is supporting chikondis and knows me. Perfectly for big and little people as a gift !

Order now via mail: !!!
*A huge big thank you to the Promobook team "iideenreich" ( and to ALL our 7 donors. Without you all , it wouldn´t be possible!*

The African Festival "KE NA KO" located at Alexanderplatz, Berlin offers good possibilities to connect and exchange experience with other associations working in/for African countries. We were attending the "Messe der Brückenbauer on the 11th and 12th of June.
*Thanks Mareike and Anja for your support*

The magazine "kidsgo" - for pregnant women and young families - prints our chikondis article in 4 of their issues (summer 2016) and in 4 different cities!!! (Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin and Munich)
*Thank you for the awesome support*

Chikondis fund-raiser at the Queen Elisabeth hospital, Blantyre. Chikondis packages have been distributed to premature infants and mothers. Content: premature infant clothing, (breastfeeding) tea and body care products for mother and child

Our colourful Chikondis creative workshop. Production of new covers for expectant mother´s records of prenatal and natal care, book covers, "Letter from Africa" - bag for travel documents and upcycling bag from "Mama´s choice" milk cartons. In addition our great dresses for our chikondis dolls have been sewed here as well..
*Great work !!! Zikomo kwambiri Joyce, Shalom, Chimwemwe, Daniel and Philipp*

Production of 112 new chikondis dolls... Filling and hair styling made by Tiko, Atuya and Lusubilo.
* zikomo kwambiri girls for your fantastic work *

*** Chikondis supporters in Malawi***
Thanks for all the love + support !!!

A great music video has also been shot :)
*Zikomo kwambiri Ben and Maze, great work. Special thanks to Abel*

A song for chikondis. The very talented malawian newcomer music group "Blackunikonz" write and produce the song "Limodzi Tngathe - Together we can". Check out the songwords on our Facebook page !
*Zikomo kwambiri Cornerstone, Blacknight, Black Diamond, Simba and M.O.D. - I LOVE YOUR SONG!!!!!!*

Chikondis painting project part 2 with childen of the "Jacaranda Foundation". Children painting in regards to the topic birthplace Malawi, families, pregnant women and children in Germany... these illustrations will be taken to Berlin to present them to the children of the Koppenplatz school.
*Thank you so much Marie da Silva, founder of Jacaranda and Luc Deschamps.

May 5th - International midwife day - also celebrated in Malawi, chikondis e.V. is on board.

Chairwoman S.Lüthge has been invited to an interview of the daily newspaper "The Nation" and the article has been printed on May 4th 2016.
*Zikomo Albert*

Chairwoman Swantje visits the German embassy in Lilongwe and meets Johannes Scharlau, who enables the production of 1500 chikondis books due to a generous donation. 500 books will then be on their journey towards Malawi.
* thank you so much Johannes for the great support*

Founder and chairwoman of the chikondis e.V. and midwife Swantje Lüthge meets founder of the malawian midwife union "AMAMI" and chairwoman of "The White Ribbon Alliance-For Safe Motherhood", and likewise midwife Lennie Kamwendo.

Chikondis is flying to Malawi (April and May)

Chikondis painting project on March 18th 2016 with 3 school classes of Koppenplatz school, Bergstraße 5-9. Children painting in regards to the topic birthplace Malawi, families, pregnant women and children in Malawi... these drawings will be taken to Malawi to present them to a grade of school, which in return paint pictures of the same topics, relating to Germany.
*Thank you to Mrs. Verworner and class 3E, thanks to Mrs. Lucas and class 3F and last but not least to Mr. Kröber and class 4E*

Chikondis e.V. presence at the convention "Geburtshilfe im Dialog 2016" on February 27th and 28th in Mannheim. Thereby contact to exhibitors and potential supporters in future.
* Many thanks to Mareike for your dynamic support *

Several times we have been supported by Rikepa Demo and are always happy about Demo material for our "Pachikondis birthcinic" in Malawi. Entry on the following website:

Soon, our wonderful project is going to be published as a child book!
*a big thank you to the creative team from Promobooks*
*a warm thank you to Anne Wenkel, for illustrating my face (*

The German trade magazine for midwives "Deutsche Hebammen Zeitschrift - Fachmagazin für Hebammen" (2/2016 issue) printed one of our adverts, free of charge !
*Thank you very much. It feels good to receive support from colleagues!*


Just like last year, we got the great chance to represent our project and sell some colourful chikondis products at the "" x-mas market on the 12th and 13th December, located at the amazing building Kraftwerk.
*Thanks so much team ( and especially to Natascha, for her sponsoring and amazing organisation*

We have a new chikondis sticker. No need to comment, just have a look.
*Thanks Simon for your first drawing and many thanks again to Katharina for adding the last touch*

We registered with
With this free of charge app, you can support the “pachikondis birth clinic”. You can donate without spending money. It's easy... try it.
Just click this link and start now.
*Thank you for your support and time*

On the 5th and 6th of December 2015, we were allowed to take part in the x- mas market “Weihnachtsrodeo”, located at Postbahnhof, next to Ostbahnhof. In many different ways, we experienced a great event.
*Thanks so much Kadre team ( and especially to Hendrik, for your sponsoring and amazing organisation*

Colourful November for chikondis: Our great graphic designer Katharina surprised us with a beautiful chikondis design for our letters and posters. I love it!
*Great. Thank you so much Katharina, that you could turn my drawings into such a beautiful graphic.*

And this time, we received 3 donation boxes from midwife colleague Julia Globisch. They contended Massage balls, medications and much more. We will make good use of it all!
*Again, a massive thank you to Julia for your big November support!*

„Office4sale” ( supported us with the donation of a great presentation board which we can use for showing info material in a much more professional way at fairs and events etc.
*Thank you so much, Mr.Paul and team, for your fantastic support in such a smooth and efficient way!*

Fantastic to receive so much support from colleagues, like Julia Globisch from Ulm. She donated a 15 kg box of many useful tools and equipment. These will improve our work in Malawi significantly!
*Many thanks for your great support and ongoing interest in our project!*

Africa days in Berlin, October 16-18th 2015. ( A wonderful opportunity to present our project and to network with other associations.
*Many thanks to “LoNam-Das Afrika Magazin” and in particular to Ebony Fagbuyi ( for her great and ongoing support.*

We received important obstetrics tools via mail from colleagues from Sankt Augustin!! Fantastic!
*Thank you so much, midwife Kerstin and for your support!*

And now a fantastic charity initiative we received in a letter:

"We are a happy family without financial problems. Hence we are happy to support others with donations. Instead of gifts for the christening/baptizing of our son Oskar we asked everybody to give a donation for Swantjes project.
Overall we raised 400 Euro for Chikondis among 50 adults and 13 children.
How did we come up with this idea? Me, Diana met Swantje when she was looking after my, at that time 8 months old, daughter Adele in a Congress kindergarten. I've been very impressed by her ideas and the Malawi project and I'm interested to support her long term.
We'd love to visit you and the “pachikondis birthclinic” in Malawi.

*May God bless you always. Many thanks to little Oskar, thank you kind Diana and thanks to all the lovely donors! We were very happy about your donations*

We were really happy to show our Chikondis info film at the first Berlin Gilbert award celebration on September 10th 2015.Our info table was a hub for networking and many interested visitors particularly liked our chikondis ambassadors (chikondis dolls).
*Gila, many thanks for the great event and the opportunity to talk about our project*
*Ebony, many thanks for your ongoing support and a great introduction to our film.*

WOW, now we even got a commercial sponsoring! The commercial is being shown in Potsdam, e.g. ViP- Fahrgast TV Potsdam, and is an amazing gift for us.
*Special thanks to Anne Durmaz and "AnnTrieb TV – Werben mit Format" (*

***unser Werbespot*** :) WOW (: gesponsert von "AnnTrieb TV - Werben mit Format" und ausgestrahlt in Potsdam u.a. ViP-Fahrgast TV Potsdam.

Posted by Chikondis e.V. on Dienstag, 4. August 2015

July - We got a design donation of five beautiful ads we are going to send out to print medias; making more chikondis noise and getting donations! If u wanna print our ads, please contact us!
*Many thanks to lovely Katharina for your great work and support*

On June 11th, chairwoman Swantje Lüthge gave a presentation at the "Hub Dot" Launch Berlin. Hub Dot is a global movement, connecting women through storytelling. Lüthge presented the chikondis project and networked successfully. Networking among successful women. Great!
*Thanks to Gudrun for the invitation to speak, and thanks to Christina for the speech support*

School class 3b and class teacher David Pitts invited chairwoman Swantje Lüthge to visit the Metropolitan School Berlin, Linienstraße, and to talk about the chikondis project and children in Malawi. (27th May)

Our chikondis movie… simply just wonderful !!!
*Regina you are amazing! 1.000.000 times thank you very much for your awesome work.*

An introduction to representative chairperson, Swantje Lüthge, and the chikondis project is featured in The Missio-Magazine's current issue May-June 2015. Believe-live-give is not just the slogan of “missio” !!!
*many deep felt thanks*

In the pre-school parenting magazine "kizz", our fabulous chikondis dolls are featured in the column “Things which make us happy”, May-June 2015 issue.
*super- many thanks*

Our first building project is finally done and we could open our own chikondis creative workshop on the 1st of April in Blantyre, Nkolokosa.
*zikomo kwambiri Abel and friends*

On 9th April The „moves“ ( invited representative chairperson, Swantje Lüthge, to a Malawi-chikondis evening, turning out to be a wonderful charity event. Apart from raising a total funds of 262,50€, it was an enriching, inspiring evening of exchanging thoughts and ideas.
Thank you very much lovely Birgitt&Co. for a great women's evening*

We called for a drawing contest with the African magazine "LoNam" and the winner is: Livia M. (6 years)
*Thank you lovely Livia for your great drawing*

Midwife colleague Antje Dobers is very supportive. She bought some chikondis dolls and assembled a chikondis information corner in her private midwife´s office in Rostock.
*thank you very much Antje*

On Saturday, 28th March, Stanley Rubyn ( will be having his CD Release Party at Mimi’s Chop Bar. The name of the album is “Simply Truth”. Thank you Stanley for your support, as we again had an opportunity to have a Chinkondis Information Stand at your event. The stand was well managed by Ebony Fagbuyi (, who is an irriplacable supporter of Chikondis e.V. and an enriching coach.
*Thank you, Stanley and wishing you all the best with your great Album*
*Deep thanks to Ebony*

On Wednesday, 11th March 2015 at 6pm, the representative chairperson was invited to a group meeting of honorary palliative care givers. The meeting took place at the Elizabeth Hospice Centre in Rodenbergstrasse, Berlin.
*Thank you very much, Christian*

"I invited Swantje Lüthge for this evening. Ms. Lüthge is participating in the current palliative care giver preparation course. She is a midwife and has worked on an off-and-on base in Malawi. Ms. Lüthge will be able to share her firsthand experience on how people in Malawi experience death and deal with it. Does the palliative concept exist in Malawi and if so, how does it present its self. We look forward to an exciting evening."

Christian Kürten
Coordinator Elizabeth Hospice Centre

The current issue of the African magazine "LoNam" (15th February - 15th April 2015, No.1/11Jg) reports on the children pages about children in Malawi and about our birth clinic project. We called for a drawing contest and we are happily expecting a lot of kids drawings. Prize: one of our chikondis dolls :)
* thank you very much LoNam – *

FINALLY......we are on many of you asked for it. So go ahead and like us :)
*a hearty and big thank you goes out to Swenja*


3 pages and headword on the title page - The German trade magazine for midwifes "Deutsche Hebammen Zeitschrift - Fachmagazin für Hebammen" (issue 12/2014) writes about chikondis e.V. , chairwoman S. Lüthge and Malawi. There was even a headword on the title page.
*Many thanks Mrs. Niederstucke*

December 6th and 7th we were allowed to take part in the Christmas market at Kraftwerk in Berlin. This sales booth has also been sponsored by the organizer.
*many thanks Natascha & Team*
*also many thanks to Julia (sewing campaign), to Melanie ("if you can dream it" poster/writing pad) and to Anika for your set-up and sales support!!!*

October 30th and December 15th 2014 we took part in the Christmas market on Winterfeldplatz, Schöneberg. Our sales booth has been sponsored by Mrs. Trosdorff. We also received a great pottery as a donationfrom Mrs. K. Luther.
*many thanks to these 2 generous women*
*Also many thanks to Andrea, Anika and Tim for their set-up support*

We had an awesome time at the "glücks.koffer" market from 9am to 6pm on 26.10. For the association's cash desk we were able to register 121EUR and to hand out leaflets and post cards of the chikondis e.V.
*many thanks Swenja*

With our new chikondis dolls and a refill of the display with our new leaflets, we expanded our drawer of the stand-up display at the "Jippieh" shop in Münster on 25.10. (
*thank you dear Jippieh-Team*

On 24.10. we were able to pick up a donated ultrasonic device of the O.K. medical team from Neuewied-Oberbieber.
*thank you Mrs. Marino* for the organization and *many thanks Dr. med. Grandke* for the ride

We have spent a long weekend from 24.10. until 27.10.14 in Münster (North Rhine-Westphalia). Our stay-over has been donated by the city hotel in Münster. (Stadthotel Münster), Aegidiistraße 21, 48143 Münster (
*terrific, many thanks*
Solely because of that some things were possible: 1. Picking up an ultrasonic device in Neuwied-Oberbieber, 2. Expansion of our drawer of the "Jippieh" stand-up display and 3. Participation in the "glücks.koffer" market

Finally we made it! Our chikondis leaflet has been designed and printed. Gladly we will send you some to distribute and read upon request. The complete design was a donation.
* thanks you very much Kirill - you are great. *

The Saarbrücken newspaper reports about our fund-raiser in Merzig on October 8th 2014.
*thank you very much*

On September 27th and 28th we had a very blessed and cheerful weekend trip. We were heading to Merzig in the state of Saarland, where we received medical donations in kind such as thermal beds for newborns, baby beds, delivery bed, diverse instruments and much more). This was possible due to the wonderful support of Monika Eiserloh, head of the delivery suit at the SHG Clinic Merzig.
*Many thanks to dear Monica, family Eiserloh and SHG Clinic Merzig*
*Without Mingo and Cheeky the trip and followed storage would not have been possible!!! Thank you very much you really are great men!*

On September 6th 2014 we were at the flea market "Kita-Flohmarkt" (Fröbel, Borsigstr.), where we experienced great face-to-face encounters. Donations could be collected, information material has been handed out diligently and the revenue through sold children's clothing had been transferred to our association chikondis e.V.
*Thank you Mrs. Sende*

Who said there is a summer gap? ;) In August we received a great donation in kind by Rikepa Demo ( With this we are able to facilitate prenatal classes as well as baby care and fostering classes in our "pachikondis birthclinic".
*The women and midwifes in Malawi are glad and give thanks. Wo do too!!!*

Chairwoman and midwife Swantje elected as human of the week by "Bild der Frau" magazine, Bild der Frau No.26, Release date Friday 20.June 2014

chikondis e.V. article released by BANANENBLAU magazine - Magazine for parents and children, No. 2/2014

39 degrees and the steering committee S. & U. Lüthge organized a mixed flea market at the well-known Mauerpark flea market in Berlin. The total profit of 152,60 Euro has been donated to the nonprofit association chikondis e.V.

Great fund-raiser by artist Gudrun Maas-Ehre and her children's painting class in Merzig. They sold their paintings for a good cause and donated the total income for chikondis e.V.
*Many thanks you lovely children and thank you Gudrun*

Participation at the "DiBaDu and your association" event. Unfortunately late registration. Still chikondis e.V. got approx. 100 (well, 99) votes in only 4 days!! WOW.
*Many thanks to all friends of chikondis e.V.*

Interview release with chairwoman Swantje, including a raffle to win a "If you can dream it" poster by Melanie Petersen, at

"helloPetersen" poster release which was designed for chikondis e.V. on „“. This release included an info section about chikondis e.V.

Great charity campaign by graphic artist Melanie Petersen and her label „hellopetersen“.
*Many thanks Melanie*

Roll out of text message charity campaign (in association with Burda Wireless).
Quick and easy chikondis support: Send a text message with CHIKONDIS to 81190
Transmission fee 5,00EUR (plus transmission charges/ mobile provider)
For each text message chikondis e.V. receives a total of 4,83EUR (incl. VAT)

22.03.14 - "Theater & Dinner" starring stage actor MBENE M. Mwambene from Malawi at Werkstatt der Kulturen - Mimi´s chop bar.
*Many thanks to all the volunteers and friends of chikondis e.V.*


Support by the German Midwife Association, buying 15 chikondis dolls for their Christmas market thank you campaign.
*Sincere thanks to you my honored colleagues!*

University of Magdeburg operates with an interview of chairwoman Swantje for their group project "baby born"

Trade magazine "Hebammenforum" (14yrs, 1213 issues) writes about chikondis e.V.

Stanley Rubyn calls attention to chikondis e.V. at his "Thanks giving concert".
*Thank you*

First chikondis Christmas market on 7th and 14th of December.
*Many thanks to all volunteers and friends of chikondis e.V.*

On 7th and 14th of December we will have our first Christmas market at the Café "Aicy&Mimi" at Werkstatt der Kulturen. On December 7th even a camera team had been onsite.

More information here, a report by afrikAkzent. Many thanks to all sales people who enabled that Christmas market in the first place.

Design and print of chikondis desk diary for 2014.
*Many thanks Angelika Plag*

New chikondis dolls released on our website

Great donations in kind campaign by the birthplace Ingolstadt, Gerolfinger Straße 78, 85049 Ingolstadt.
*Thank you Sabine*

Blog report by Anna König about chairwoman Swantje and chikondis e.V. Release date 11.09.2013, section "Unterstützenswert" on

First fund-raiser party on August 24th 2013 at Werkstatt der Kulturen, Mimi´s chop bar.
*Many thanks for all volunteers and friends of chikondis e.V.*

A total of 1.254,70EUR has been donated. The chikondis e.V. and myself would like to say thank you very much for your great support.
Here are an interview with me as well as some impressions of the fund-raiser party:

A very precious donation in kind by the midwife community of the medical practice Fera, Wenckebachstraße 23, 12099 Berlin, which closed 31.07.2013, unfortunately.
*Thank you and all the best*

HIPP service magazine No. 43 reports about chairwoman Swantje and the chikondis e.V.


Production of chikondis postcards with 3 different motives (in 3 different designs)

2nd production of 127 chikondis dolls in Blantyre

Lecture (field report) by chairwoman Swantje at the family tent - "Selbstbestimmte Geburt und Familie e.V., Schönfließer Straße 17, 10439 Berlin

Presentation of our non-profit association inside the newsletter No.10 of the deutsch-malawischen Gesellschaft e.V.