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Dear friends,

in December 2015 I met Swantje and her project chikondis e.V. (*Chikondi* is not only a favorite name in Malawi, it means also love and admire in mother tongue, which all moms and children should be honored). After some meetings with Swantje I was passionate with the project “a birth house for Malawi” and wanted to jump in and help building it. The birth house costs in total about 35.000 Euro.

To reach that goal, we still need 20.480 Euro.

We both are happy about every donation and promise you:

  • Personal relation to the project birth house
  • Ongoing information about the project, status and donation level of the birth house
  • A tax paper (just for German tax council)
  • Active help in building the birth house (after personal contact only)

Your JoernYour Swantje

14.180 €

of 35.000 €
(Funding target)

Recent donations

  • Mike Henschel100 €
  • Jens Blaczik50 €
  • Johannes & Claudia40 €
  • Gunnar Heilmann150 €
  • Dominik Marks100 €
  • Anja Munteanu100 €
  • Karen Jeratsch 25€
  • Heike Hagenguth 300€
  • Levent Palabiyik 50€
  • Alev Tuncelli 20€
  • Aline Nunhardt 50€
  • Nancy Japke 20€
  • Thomas Nägele 350€
  • Joern Hagenguth (IS24 Weihnachten)200 €
  • Dr. Wibke Baumgarten20 €
  • Dr. Gerd Baumgarten20 €
  • Oliver Tillsey50 €
  • Joern Hagenguth740 €

Here you can see how the birth house will look like in the future – to give all mothers the right and necessary medical treatment.

Here you find some facts about Malawi which you should know in relation to the project:

  • Medical care can only provided for 54% of the births.
  • Maternal mortality: 1100 of 100.000 women die in childbirth.
  • Infant mortality: 80 per 1000 births (according to the WHO)
  • The birth clinic will offer medical care in childbirth, also preventive medicine, childbed care (in Malawi no official free-lance midwives exist and thus thre is no care while in childbed at home), family planning / birth control, HIV/AIDS education etc. to fight against the following:
  • On average, each woman delivers 6.3 children during her life.
  • Only 38% of the women have access to modern contraceptives.
    (Source: state off the world´s mothers 2011)
  • Infant mortality below the age of 5: 110 of 1000. (Source: state off the world´s mothers 2011)
  • Approx. 60 % of HIV positive persons in Malawi are women.
  • Spread of HIV: approx. 12% of the population (1.2 million people)
  • Average life expectancy of women: 55 years (Source: state off the world´s mothers 2011)